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The tale of the start of the cinema starts off in a Parisian theater in 1895 whilst a highway scene of horses and carriages all of sudden starts to move--and reportage, shuttle motion pictures, tales, and experiments with colour and track quickly stick with.

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This two-color system would be widely used in many countries from 1908 into the 1920s. 46 INVENTION AFTER INVENTION Finally, mechanical monochrome processes were developed; they were cheaper and complemented these artisanal methods. Toning, which consisted of replacing the metallic silver of the image with a colored organic salt, affected only the darker parts, whereas colored the entire film. The effects monotinting obtained were more limited than could be achieved with hand tinting and were governed by stylistic conventions: Blue signified night; yellow, the sun; green, exteriors; and red, a fire or a sunset.

Meanwhile, people discovered the educational impact of a projected image, and the magic lantern became associated with a movement for popular education during the second half of the 19th century. The projectors, which could possess became particmovement, and metamorphose or dissolve into several lenses, ularly sophisticated, reconstructing allowing one image to the next. Magicians, Quick to Promote Cinema, Conspired in What Ended Up Becoming the Ruin of Their Own Art — Magic shows with their projections, automatons, and creative uses of electricity foreshadowed the cinematographic spectacle, as the link between magic and the cinema grew closer at the end of the century.

Which he had recorded his first film, La Sortie d'Usine the ( Workers Leaving Lumiere Factory). Near the end of the year, he ordered a model that included numerous improvements (above). The emulsion on the film was the same as that used on the "blue label" plates, which explains the remarkably high l£T£ LUMIERE photographic quality ol the Lumiere films. PLAQUES AU GELATINO-BROMURE D'ARGENT & A. LUMlfcRE EXTRA RAPIDES SES FILS " >" 1 a Charles Moisson, with Kinetoscope film had four lateral rectangular perforations on each frame, each frame of the Lumiere film had only a single round one on each side.

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