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By Myrtle A. Davis

Univ. of Maryland, Baltimore. Discusses laser scanning cytometry for the research of apoptosis, tissue-based tools of quantification for experiences utilizing animal versions, and practical assays and ELISA recommendations. DNLM: Apoptosis--physiology.

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3. ATTACHMENT OF CELLS TO MICROSCOPE SLIDES FOR ANALYSIS BY LSC Many assays of apoptosis by LSC are performed on fixed cells. For these assays the cells are attached to microscope slides by standard methods that include smear films, tissue sections, “touch” preparations from freshly transected tissues, or cytocentrifuging cell suspensions. Cytocentrifugation (see below) is often preferred over “touch” or smear preparations because it flattens cells on the slides so that their geometry is favorable, and therefore more morphological details can be revealed.

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