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By Nick Kent

Chronicling Nick Kent’s up-close , own, frequently harrowing adventures with the Rolling Stones, Lester Bangs, David Bowie, Led Zeppelin, the intercourse Pistols, and Chrissie Hynde, between rankings of others, Apathy for the satan is a picaresque memoir that bears witness to the gorgeous and the damned of this turbulent decade.

As a school dropout slightly out of his teenagers, Kent’s first 5 interviews have been with the MC5, Captain Beefheart, the thankful lifeless, the Stooges, and Lou Reed. yet after the buzz and freedom of these early years, his tale may come to reflect that of the last decade itself, as he slipped into extra and ever-worsening heroin use. Apathy for the satan is a compelling tale of notion, good fortune, burn out, and rebirth from a vintage wordsmith.

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