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By Dorothy G. Rogers

The yank idealist circulation began in St. Louis, Missouri in 1858, changing into extra influential as girls joined and inspired its improvement. Susan Elizabeth Blow was once renowned as an educator and pedagogical theorist who based the 1st public kindergarten application in the United States (1873-1884). Anna C. Brackett used to be a feminist and pedagogical theorist and the 1st lady imperative of a secondary university (St. Louis basic tuition, 1863-72). Grace C. Bibb used to be a feminist literary critic and the 1st lady dean on the college of Missouri, Columbia (1878-84). American idealism took on a brand new shape within the Eighteen Eighties with the founding of the harmony tuition of Philosophy in Massachusetts. Ellen M. Mitchell participated within the stream in either St. Louis and harmony. She used to be one of many first girls to educate philosophy at a co-educational collage (University of Denver, 1890-92). Lucia Ames Mead, Marietta Kies, and Eliza Sunderland joined the move in harmony. Lucia Ames Mead grew to become a major pacifist theorist within the early 20th century. Kies and Sunderland have been one of the first ladies to earn the Ph.D. in philosophy (University of Michigan, 1891, 1892). Kies wrote on political altruism and shared with Mitchell the excellence of training at a coeducational establishment (Butler university, 1896-99). those have been the 1st American girls as a gaggle to plunge into philosophy right, bridging these years among the beginner, paraprofessional educational thinker. Dorothy Rogers's new e-book ultimately offers them the eye they deserve.

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6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. Notes to Chapter 1 Harris's mission was reported in such terms by Denton J. Snider in The St. Louis Movement in Philosophy (St. Louis, MO: Sigma, 1920), 279. Goetzmann suggests this was the shared mission of Harris and Brockmeyer. See William H. , The American Hegelians: An Intellectual Episode in the History of Western America (New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1973), 3. The transcendentalists relied primarily on the translation of Cousin's Introduction to the History of Philosophy for their knowledge of both Kant and Hegel, after having found Coleridge's discussion of them too abstruse.

Louis movement. Probably this was partly due to their very different approaches to life and work. Soldan had a slow but steady and methodical approach to his work while Davidson was often brilliant and inspired but sporadic in his performance. Davidson's well-being was frequently on Soldan's mind, according to his correspondence with Harris. Yet Soldan could also be critical of him, declaring on at least two occasions that he believed Davidson was on the wrong track intellectually. 45 Thomas Davidson Although he never held a permanent academic position, Thomas Davidson (1840 99) was a prolific writer, and his work centered more narrowly on philosophy than did that of many of his St.

Morris and John Dewey. Like Ames Mead, Kies's work was in political theory, although she did not engage in social activism to any degree, as Ames Mead did. She wrote her dissertation at the University of Michigan on political altruism, publishing it as The Ethical Principle, which she reworked and expanded in her most important work, Institutional Ethics. Kies's political theories show a familiarity with Hegel's theory of the state as outlined in The Philosophy of Right, a book that was first interpreted for an English-speaking audience by Morris.

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