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Flavus apparently does not invade undamaged, immature pods in the ground, Sellschop et al. (1965) reported that aflatoxin contamination in commercially screened samples was concentrated in the lower grades that had a preponderance of small immature kernels. Probably these immature pods and kernels were invaded after digging. Diener and Davis (1967) found that immature kernels had about the same limiting temperature and relative humidity for aflatoxin production as sound mature kernels. Thus, decreased physiological activity associated with maturity or from low moisture in the soil environment appears to favor invasion of kernels and pods by A.

And G2 (Diener and Davis, 1966). flavus strains 64-R4 and 64-R1 produced Bx and B2 but no Gx or G2 on peanuts and rough rice, whereas NRRL 2999 produced all four aflatoxins on both substrates. When aflatoxins were present in 1325field-collectedsamples of cottonseed, McMeans et al. (1968) found only aflatoxins Bx and B2, although separate chromatograms were developed for the detection of aflatoxins Gx and G2. Taber and Schroeder (1967) tested more than 100 A. flavus isolates from Spanish peanuts and did not find an isolate that produced Gx or G2.

Flavus -NRRL 3145 A. flavus -oryzae group A. flavus -oryzae group A. flavus -NRRL 3145 A. flavus -NRRL 3145 A. flavus -NRRL 3145 A. flavus # 1 0 A. flavus #191 A. flavus #191 A/7mwsNRRLA-13, 794 A. parasiticus Ala-6 A. flavus -NRRL 3145 A. flavus -NRRL 3145 591 363d 286d 1628 913 1963 680 1100 1100 2250 Codner et al. Vogel et al. Shotwell et al. Cucullu et al. Schroeder (1963) (1965) (1966) (1966) (1966) Substrate Boiler and (1966) Schroeder (1966) Nartey Diener and Davis (1966) Hesseltine et al.

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