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Kahn-Harris also posits extreme metal as an outsider culture. However, he does not frame metal as particularly resistant or radical. He emphasises the role ‘transgressive subcultural capital’ (p. 127) plays in establishing authenticity and finding belonging, particularly for black metal fans. Transgressive subcultural capital refers to the subcultural capital gained via acts which transgress dominant culture norms. These acts range from the mundane – setting up a DIY (Do It Yourself) label,5 rather than working a regular job (p.

It was in the [daily tabloid newspaper] Herald Sun! . It was about, like – housing commission2 people – about how they live their lives.

I also interviewed Carsten’s younger brother, Zak, who sings in Garbage Guts and Agents of Abhorrence. Zak was 27 years old and a multimedia artist. Carsten also introduced me to his partner, Hayley, who was unemployed. Hayley was 24 years old, a keen metal fan and originally from New Zealand. She also edits Vomitose fanzine. I also interviewed other members of FID, including Andy, the band’s singer, who works with Shawn as a storeperson. Andy was one of the older scene members at 36. Carlos, FID’s guitarist, was a 26 year old graphic designer and is also in Roskopp and The Day Everything Became Nothing (TDEBN).

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