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By Alan Dean Foster

He used to be only a freckle-faced, redheaded child with eco-friendly eyes and a unusually campelling stare whilst Mather Mastiff first observed him an the auctioneer's block. 100 credit and he used to be hers.For years the outdated girl used to be his purely relatives. She enjoyed him, fed him, taught him every little thing she knew -- even allow him continue the lethal flying snake he referred to as Pip.Then mom Mastiff mysteriously disappeared and Flinx took Pip to tail her kidnappers. around the forests and swamps of the winged global known as Moth, their purely guns have been Pip's venom . . . and Flinx's strange abilities.

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All a part of his education, he had assured her. The thieves had a word for it: “skeoding,” meaning to walk like a shadow. Only Flinx’s brighter than normal hair made the professional purloiners cluck their tongues in disapproval. They would have welcomed him into their company, had he been of a mind to make thievery his profession. But Flinx would steal only if absolutely necessary, and then only from those who could afford it. ” The master had laughed, showing broken teeth. “I understand, boy.

You’ve lived with me for some time now, boy. ” Her voice became gentle again. “Come now. Fair is fair. ” “I didn’t,” he said belligerently, “and I’m not lying. The man was—he was starting to walk away from the case, and he was uncomfortable. He was, he felt—what’s the word? ” He put his small hand to his forehead and rubbed gently. ” Great Ganwrath of the Flood, Mother Mastiff thought sharply. The boy’s a Talent. ” “No,” he corrected her. “It’s not like that. ” “It’s not only guilty,” he explained, “it’s all kinds of feelings.

By the same token, he didn’t think Mother Mastiff would react with understanding if the snake playfully sprang out at her from one of the kitchen storage cabinets while she was trying to prepare a meal. qxd 7/19/04 14:15 Page 53 FOR LOVE OF MOTHER-NOT 53 His own room was spartan: There was only the small computer terminal and chip readout, the single clothes closet he had rigged himself, and the bed. The closet would have to do. Carrying the snake into his room, Flinx set it down on the foot of the bed.

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