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By Aleksandr Orlov

Aleksandr Orlov has within the final 12 months turn into the most enjoyed figures in British tradition and his catchphrase - Simples! - may be heard from the playground to the place of work. Written in his inimitable voice (as dictated to his sidekick Sergei), his autobiography will provide a similar humour as his television commercials, giving us the whole tale of his ancestor's trip of Courageousness from the Kalahari to Russia, the low-down on his existence as entrepreneur and founding father of and his love of grubs and cravats.

'My identify is Aleksandr Orlov. I reside and make paintings in Moscow. i've got a hit enterprise. i've got a mansion beautify with many tremendous issues. i've got a clearly majestic posture. yet i might have none of this stuff if it weren't for my relations. This e-book is devoted to them. I additionally desire to motivate subsequent iteration of younger businesskats. i'm desire that this e-book will exhibit what can come of braveness, exertions and a great fur-care regime. i'm additionally wish that with royalties i'll re-marble roof on Orlov relations mansion'

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