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By Mike Carlton; Richard Walker; Mark Hamlyn; Gail Jarvis; Jacomiene Betlem; All authors

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The Routledge language and cultural theory reader

This reader gains the main cutting edge and influential writings that experience formed and outlined the kin among language, tradition and cultural identification within the 20th century.
The themed sections comprise: Language in background; Language and Subjectivity; Language and Sexuality; Language and Creativity; Language and Colonialism; Language, classification and Education.
Essays via: Chinua Achebe, Mikhail Bakhtin, Roland Barthes, Basil Bernstein, Leonard Bloomfield, Franz Boas, Pierre Bourdieu, Edward okay. Braithwaite, Judith Butler, Deborah Cameron, Helene Cixous, Brian Cox, Benedetto Croce, David Dabydeen, Ferdinand de Saussure, Jacques Derrida, Frantz Fanon, Michel Foucault, Sigmund Freud, Antonio Gramsci, Luce Irigaray, Roman Jacobson, Braj B. Kachru, Julia Kristeva, William Labov, Jacques Lacan, H. L. Mencken, Ngugi wa Thiong'o and lots of extra. ..

Education and Social Change: Connecting local and global perspectives

Schooling coverage and perform has traditionally been constructed inside of thenational/regional context. besides the fact that, globalization has brought on educationalists to check their perform within the mild of foreign affects. international concerns corresponding to worldwide warming, clash and the depletion of earth assets have additionally contributed to an elevated information of the rolethat schooling can play in resolving those difficulties.

From Hobbits to Hollywood ~ Essays on Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings

Peter Jackson’s movie model of The Lord of the earrings (2001-2003) is the grandest fulfillment of twenty first century cinema thus far. however it can be associated with topical and social issues together with battle, terrorism, and cultural imperialism. Its type, symbols, narrative, and constitution look continually already associated with politics, cultural definition, difficulties of cinematic type, and the elemenal mythologies that almost all profoundly seize our imaginations.

The art of self invention : image and identity in popular visual culture

Advent : Hollywood tales ; The paintings of self-invention ; The visible international ; fake id ; Self-fashioning ; the recognition of conceal ; Love on the market ; existence imitates paintings ; the subsequent chapters --
pt. 1. Self-invention. --
The impostor, trickster and secret agent : Martin Guerre ; Agnes ; Anthony Blunt as Victor Maskell ; Appearances topic ; all people lies --
Manners : The welcome visitor ; ideas of the sport ; background of manners ; vintage cool ; Deception and invention ; the fashionable topic ; On being calculating ; The technological know-how of the self ; Society as floor ; enjoying the sport --
pt. 2. taking a look sturdy. --
Identity : prestige symbols ; having a look solid ; Coded identification ; discovering the topic ; Self as surplus ; The impossible to resist attract of id --
Advertising : The ads ; The unnatural international ; The afterglow of advertisements ; Subjectivity on sale ; trying to find the self ; Lives long gone fallacious ; having a look --
Fashion : the attention of the beholder ; The shaped self ; The imagination ; Being conspicuous ; The depths of style ; The ethics of appearances --
Afterword : visible tradition ; Self-invention.

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Nothing would please me more than being able to hire ten programmers and deluge the hobby market with good software. (Gates 1976) This conflict between Gates and the Homebrew Computing Club’s members was indicative of an emerging tension in the hacker community (Levy 1994). Some simply wanted to use machines for the sake of using machines (embodying the “tools-to-make-tools” philosophy), some saw computing technology as carrying political and normative implications, and some were especially sensitive to the commercial possibilities of this technology.

FOSS makes it difficult to capture sale-value because its licenses allow unlimited copying: the first copy may be sold, but it is hard to sell future copies. But Raymond provides two examples in which developer salaries are paid for by use-value. In Cisco’s risk-spreading model, an inversion of the nondisclosure agreement model, the software that operates Cisco products is given away as a hedge against the departure of the developers — and the specialized knowledge they carry — and to ensure continued and future support.

This divergence would also underwrite the schism, in the 1990s, between the free software and open source movements. These tensions in the hacker community were manifested most notably in the conflict among MIT, Lisp Machines, Inc. , a conflict that indirectly resulted in the birth of the GNU free software project. In the late 1970s, members of MIT’s Artificial Intelligence laboratory had developed a prototype computer, the “Lisp Machine,” specially optimized for programs written in the Lisp programming language.

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