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Boy, do you look stupid in that! ” 45 Well, you go put on another outfit--you put on several outfits and finally just give up on that discussion. You’re never going to look good enough to run so you just decide you’re going to do it anyway. You go out there and start running, and the person says, “You call that running? ” Now, I just want to give you another possibility, okay? How about if the person who is with you says, “Run in anything, it doesn’t matter. You look fine. Just get out there and run.

They don’t love me because there is something wrong with me. I have to think of everything. ” THIS SELF-TALK MAINTAINS SELF HATE. 37 6. In order to ensure survival, “The Judge” as a subpersonality is born to make sure that the child is perfect and right and good. The birth of The Judge guarantees the continued existence of self-hate. 38 This process repeats constantly up through about age 7 when, it is said, we are completely socialized. After that, The Judge is tenured and guaranteed a full-time job.

The child, completely incapable of grasping any of this consciously, nevertheless learns to believe: “There must be something wrong with me. That’s why they are treating me this way. It’s my fault. ” In the child’s mind there can’t be anything wrong with the parents because survival depends on them. THIS IS THE BIRTH OF SELF-HATE 36 5. The child decides to be “perfect,” to do everything right, to be really good in order to be loved. There is no choice about this; the child’s survival depends on it.

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