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By Robert Dimery, Michael Lydon

1001 Albums you want to pay attention earlier than You Die is a hugely readable checklist of the easiest, crucial, and the main influential pop albums from 1955 via 2003. rigorously chosen via a staff of overseas critics, each one album is a groundbreaking paintings seminal to the certainty and appreciation of tune from the Fifties to the current. incorporated with each one access are creation info and credit in addition to reproductions of unique album hide paintings. might be most crucial of all, every one album featured comes with an authoritative description of its value and impression. one of the critics focused on deciding upon the record are the very best recognized track reviewers and commentators, together with Theunis Bates (music author for Time and concrete editor at, Jon Harrington (staff author at MTV), Seth Jacobson (writer for Dazed & Confused), in addition to many others.

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